Quick update on my first steps at Qonto so far


I recently quit my job at Canal+ where I spent ~3+ incredible years!

The decision

Going out of my comfort zone has always been my way of life. But It’s something that I have experienced only for five years.

Jumping into the mysteries and the unknown is exciting. Who can predict what will happen? Going into the uncovered is also a way to unlock new opportunities and find something different.

Going that way can also be tricky and not always achievable, as you may live in a couple and people may depend on you. However, it’s not my case, so I go full in it!

I spent 3+ incredible years at Canal+, and I’m delighted to say that I have no regret about my time in that company.

Everything possible to do, I did it!

It was my first full-time job after I graduated and a company that has been part of me since childhood. Canal+ reminds me of many good memories of time spent with my family together.

There is nothing like working for a company where you love the product and are a heavy user of it.

Canal+ is a 30+ years old company. It’s a well-established company in the French ecosystem. But she lacks flexibility, and the way of thinking inside the company is late compared to recent companies.

Joining Qonto!

It’s already been 4months since I joined Qonto, time flies.

I only write this now cause I wanted to take the temperature at Qonto and take time to evaluate everything around me.

All I can say is that I’m not disappointed by the energy I found there!

I came to Qonto to find several things I had in mind related to my current situation in my life.

International environment#

Working with people around the world is incredible. Each of us has a story to say that could make people better in their daily lives.

Also, bringing different cultures into the work profit us. It helps us make ourselves better quicker and also opens us a horizon. By horizon, I mean that speaking with people from different cultures and mindsets helps us realize that nothing is impossible. It inspires people who thought that something was inconceivable to us. It is also beneficial to get out of our comfort zone and improve ourselves.

We can compare that to a self-coach that helps an athlete mentally to make him understand that we can beat the champions he dreams of during his whole life.

On the other hand, speaking a different language that is not your first language is incredibly powerful to get out of your comfort zone, especially when speaking technically. Indeed, it requires more skills to speak at a technical level. But it’s good. I’m happy about it because I’m constantly learning.

Energy and ambition#

Working in a company where everyone wants to improve themself and have a goal in mind was also something that I wanted to experience.

Passionate people are incredible to work with. I wanted to find that.

We feel that an entry-level is required. People need to be motivated to achieve great things.

I felt more like joining an adventure than a classic company.

I felt a connexion. It’s indeed when things get complicated. People forms link with each other. During the first months, people who worked there for quite some time had made significant links together through the work. It’s nice to see that happenings.

I have to say that it’s sometimes harder to enter those groups from a new joiner that didn’t experience what they have shared in the past, but I assume it’s human.

Social work-life balance#

Getting into a company is one thing, and feeling comfortable is even more! As we will pass significant time there: 5/7 days for 8hours+.

So, I wanted to jump into a wagon where people have young visions and are also open to new opportunities.

At Qonto, there is also an intense atmosphere around the company.

Many team-building experiences are happening and organized, and many extra activities allow us to connect. Without those activities, I would never meet some qontoers and would probably pass by many potential opportunities of laughing, learning, enjoying, and much more.

Covid-19 has passed by there, and companies have adapted themself to give the remote right to the people they hire. Things are moving, but people are different from each other. They are not looking for the same things, and again, fortunately, otherwise, the world would be boring.

The remote qonto policy is very flexible, so we can enjoy every aspect of the new way of working. Qonto can attract people worldwide by letting them work remotely or relocating them to one of the 4 European offices.

That’s a significant power because I like taking some time off from my city to work in another environment. By doing that, life seems less redundant.

As a last note

I keep taking every opportunity to grow, to be better in person. I don’t know if it will last, but I profit from the present things.

Qonto is subject to change as the company grows exponentially. I may dislike what is coming or, on the inverse, really likes it.

Let’s see what the future holds! 🤠