Online resources I wish I had when I started learning about Web3 space.


Web3 is incredible and opens a horizon of possibilities, but it is complex.

Indeed, starting from zero it could be a pain to gather enough resources to understand it all as a whole.

When I started to learn about Web3, small pieces of information came to me as a dropper, so it was tough to understand it as a whole.

I wish I could find all the appropriate resources at the same place and understand faster.

That’s why I created this blog post to enumerate all the resources I had to learn about Web3, those resources came to me as droppers as I said.

This list is not exhaustive and will be updated as soon as I will find out new quality resources.

Learning by doing is the best way to get started, allows people to start building decentralized apps with concrete use cases.

This youtube video, explain theoretically how the blockchain work. In Web3 understanding, the blockchain is mandatory in order to build concrete stuff.

This Youtube video channel is for me one of the best! It explains really well some of the concepts of altcoins but also basic stuff.

This Udemy course is also worth the shot, it will cost a bit, but if you really want to understand the whole faster it is worth it!

Of course, the classic, this is the “man”. Many Web3 technologies are built on top of Ethereum technologies. I think this is really nice if you have an understanding of the base layer, what Ethereum brings but also its limits.

This talk is really fire! It helped me a lot to understand real case scenarios for Web3 technologies. Cyril Paglino is an investor in a company related to Web3 stuff. He really knows his topic, this is pure joy to hear from him on this podcast! A must listen!

A quick well explained Youtube video to understand what is Layer1 and Layer2 in Web3.

This is the reference when it comes to buying or selling NFT. The marketplace we have to know about.

This list is not exhaustive, I’m sure there are plenty of other resources that exist I didn’t know about, drop a comment if you have anything to share with us 😊.